About The Site

This site has been through many changes since its inception in May of 2001. I started this website because I lived in Michigan at the time, and I'm one who roots for the underdogs. Seeing the Kings knock my (at the time) hometown Red Wings out of the playoffs, it actually thrilled me beyond belief, because those Detroit fans thought they would just sweep Los Angeles right out of the playoffs. They even went so far as to display brooms in their yards and strap brooms to the roofs of their cars. I hated the arrogance that was being shown, and when Adam was interviewed after the game 6 boot, I wanted to know more about this awesome comeback king (literally) with the piercing blue eyes.

I didn't find a whole lot, and what I did manage to find was really scattered. So I took it upon myself to dig into the Internet quite heavily, gather up all of that scattered information and put it together in a site that the "Grateful Deadmarsh" community would welcome.

Since he'd only had two major league sweater numbers in his career, I decided to just make it easy for everyone -- Avs fans, Kings fans and casual NHL fans -- and use his last name and those sweater numbers as the site name, hence, Deadmarsh 18/28.

Shortly after the site was launched, I was approached online by a poser and his friends. It is an experience that I will never forget, as I kindly wrote a letter to Adam asking him if this poser (who proved to be a poser) was really him. You can read all about that here. It was nothing short of irritating to me, but when the proof from Adam came in the mail (which all remains framed and on my desk to this day), I was relieved. His words to me in the "proof" reassured me that I was doing a great thing. From then on, I have been extremely full of pride that this website has generated. I'm also grateful that Christa (his sweetheart of a wife from what I hear) accepts this site and loves to look at it. (Rinkrat of LGK.com told me this!)

So as a result of the fact that he and his wife both approve of this website, it has gone through tons of upgrades, layout changes, news additions, full photo galleries and so much more.

Through this website, I also met up with one of my best and truest friends ever named Rosalyn. Without this site, we would have never got in contact with each other. She started out being a regular contributor to the site, and we really hit it off and have become what I consider to be the best of friends.

I met her and her friend Leah (another wonderful contributor with her photos) in 2006 when my brother and I made our way out to California for the first time for "Deadmarsh Honor Night" (B.K.A. "The Retirement Ceremony"). I had wanted to meet Adam so badly to tell him "thank you" in person, but that never happened. Instead, I *did* get to meet his brother Jake, who I swear could be his twin! He was really gracious, and awesome to meet, but to this day, I'm sad that I didn't have a camera with me. That's a photo that would have been awesome to have up here. But the experience is still a top memory of mine to do with this site.

Over the past two years, I've slacked really bad with this site due to there being very limited news on Adam and his family since they moved to Idaho. In that time frame, I had a Mike Modano site which was nowhere near as successful, so I recently closed it and decided to return to my roots here, a site that I know is held in high regard. It has been worth it: I have seen hits from Idaho in the past week or so since I posted on the front page that this site was going to be renewed, updated and made current by the end of March, so I really hope that it's Adam and Christa (perhaps even the twins by now) looking this site over to see what's new.

Dated July 20, 2008: this poor website has hit another snag in its growth. Our beloved, well-known .net domain name has been stolen right out from under me by a hacker who refuses to relinquish it unless I give him 500 dollars, which is NOT going to happen in this lifetime. As a result, if you are seeing this page, you are seeing it on the new .COM domain name. I am VERY glad that you found the site here. Please do NOT give .net any more views if it comes up in searches. Deadmarsh1828.com is THE only place to find the online tribute to Adam Deadmarsh. Nowhere else!

That is the history of the site... I hope to continue to bring you any news that may be coming along regarding Adam in the future.

Thank you all for your support over the years. It is greatly appreciated!