Big Deal "Dead On"
From: Royal Reign - Kings vs. Colorado (5/6/01) Special Program

Q: How did you feel about being traded?

A: I was emotional because of all the things going on at my home. I didn't know how to comprehend and understand everything that was going on. After the first night I was able to sort things out with my wife and get refocused. Once I sat down and thought about what was going on I understood that hockey is a business and it was a business decision. It was not a personal matter. (My family) is still back in Denver. I've been back for a total of three or four days since I was traded. Our schedule has been really busy so I have not had a lot of time.

Q: Has it been difficult to concentrate on your job while your twin daughters were in intensive care after their premature birth?

A: I have had other things on my mind, but once I have my equipment on and I am out on the ice, I'm focused on what I have to do on the ice and am ready to go.

Q: How is your hand feeling?

A: The hand is feeling a little better. It was a really frustrating thing I was dealing with for three weeks. I'm able to handle the puck and shoot a little more which is a bonus. I hurt it in my first game here against Columbus in the second period and it nagged on. It seems like it's all gone now.

Q: Did it help that you were traded with Aaron Miller, a long-time teammate?

A: I think anytime you get traded it's nice when you go with a familiar face to adjust and Millsy and I are good friends and it was easy for us to come over here and settle and adjust.

Q: How easy was it to adjustment to your new team and your new teammates?

A: It took a few games. They play a little different style here. (They way the Kings use) the neutral zone and that kind of stuff is a little different than what I was used to with Colorado for so long. I feel comfortable with the system now.

Q: How has your role changed here?

A: It is not very different at all. My ice time may be a little more, but everything else is the same as what I was doing in Colorado.

Q: How have Kings fans reacted since your arrival?

A: We've had a pretty good turnout and our team has been playing well which gets people in the building.

Q: Was it hard to go from a Stanley Cup contender in Colorado to a Kings team battling to make the playoffs?

A: Both situations are exciting if you look at. It was exciting in Colorado to try and win that Presidents' Trophy, and when I came here I was in another exciting situation, and that was battling to get a playoff spot. It really made the games fun knowing the situation that we were in.

What They Are Saying About The Deal:

"Look at this deal: {Jared} Aulin, Adam Deadmarsh, Aaron Miller and draft pics (including a No. 1 yet to be selected) for {Rob} Blake who may or may not sign a contract with Colorado after this season. Given that he wasn't exactly operating from strength, {Kings Senior Vice President/General Manager Dave} Taylor should be the executive of the year off that deal alone."
- Jim Kelley,, March 26, 2001

"Those who think Colorado won the Rob Blake deal should think again. The Avalanche will miss Adam Deadmarsh more than L.A. will miss Blake."
- The Fischler Report, March 27-April 2, 2001

"I love the {Adam} Deadmarsh trade. You know I like {Rob} Blake, everybody in the world would like Blake, this guy is unbelievable, but I'll tell you one thing, Deadmarsh - power, a guy who hits, a guy who fights. Then you have {Aaron} Miller and draft picks. I would say that is the best trade in the last three of four years in the National Hockey League. Those guys are going to be on that team for the next 10 years, and (Kings Senior Vice Presdient/General Manager) Davey Taylor did it and I think that it is great."
- Don Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada, March 10, 2001

Thanks to Rosalyn and her friend for sending this article and the accompanying photo in.