A Serious Question...

This stems from an observation I made at the Florida/L.A. game.

I know that a lot of hockey players have superstitions, but last night as the teams were returning to the ice for the second period, I was more enthralled than anything to see Adam appear to do the Father-Son-Holy Spirit (head, heart, right shoulder, left shoulder) cross while looking down at the ice as he skated around slowly in the Kings' end of the ice by himself.

My question is, have any of you other fans noticed him doing this? I'm just curious because the most I've heard anything about him being superstitious is a quote he gave he NHLPA (Superstitions: "None really. I get ready for the game pretty much the same way. I guess that could be a superstition in a way. I tie my skates at a certain time and just that kind of stuff. Routines more than superstitions."), and I'm just curious if he does this every game (probably). I think it's nice that someone might not think to rely entirely on superstitions, but pure talent that God gave them to carry them through each game safely.

If anyone can seriously and honestly supply me with an answer, I'd appreciate it.