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What The Fans Are Saying About Adam!

Hockey is a great sport. As far as the fans go, there are bandwagoners and then there are die-hards. If you're in-between, you have a little problem...the bandwagoners might cheer you on while the die-hards'll scoff at you. My point is, before someone posts, they should make sure they know what they're posting about! Since May, I've read some pretty colorful things about Adam. :)
I think you'll all agree. Adam, I'd say you're well-respected!

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Thread: Deadmarsh Has Really Improved

"Not saying that he was bad last year, but having a healthy hand and knowing his teammates a little better has really stepped up his game. He was never coasting as i noticed and continued to get hard hits. He may not have gotten a goal today, but he's tied for first with Steve-o with 6. This guy has so much energy and determination. I think he could be the captain in a few years, but his age is holding him from it at this point. That's another thing... he's a VETERAN at the age of 25 (this is either his 7th or 8th season). Mind boggling.
After reading the article about him in the program today, i left all my thoughts about him not really likeing LA at the rink. He's got a home and his family healthy and can now think of the benifets of living here. It also sounds like he gets along with everyone, even though he doesn't talk much.

I hope we can keep him for a looooooong time."

"oh man... just think about what deadmarsh is gonna do when hes 100%!
and i believe deadmarsh really does like los angeles, or else he wouldn't have moved here.
Remember his face during the playoffs last year when he scored on osgood? I dont think I've ever seen him happier."
~Net Minder~

"deader is a fun player to watch. the guy is just a fearless checker and he keeps his feet moving the whole shift. the kings play their best when they get guys that drive to the net consistantly and both deader and heinze make opposing goalies uncomfortable. nice to see him scoring again. "

"Man can't say enough about the guy. He is a gritty player. The best thing about him is that he plays like that every single game, Injured or not."

"Deader is the man nobody can fahk with that guy"

"Adam DeadMarsh did say at one time last season that he REALLY LOVES LA, well the FANS that is, which is EVEN BETTER. So he has to love our team now."

"When I went to go see the Kings play an exhibition match in Las Vegas, I saw Deadmarsh walking around the casino and my brother said "Hey Deadmarsh, the Stanley Cup is ours this year!" Deadmarsh stopped walking turned around and said "F-ing right." Couldn't have put it better myself.
(18/28 QOTW for 11/5)

"From what I have seen there is no one better than Deadmarsh on the ice. He does everything that you could ask for, he crashes the net, he checks, he shoots, and he is scoring. He is a spitfire on and off the ice. He gets the team fired up and what's better? He HATES losing. Any good hockey player should, but, he REALLY HATES losing. He throws himself all over the ice and never backs down from a challenge or a fight. I respect the guy, and I don't care if he hasn't been on the team for over a season yet, or that he's only 26, the man deserves to be Captain. I'm sorry Matty, but, he deserves to wear the C he wants to win and does whatever it takes. But, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

"Yeah, I agree with all that a healthier Deadmarsh is certainly a force to be reckoned with. I can't believe, however, that anyone would think LA's a better place to live in than Colorado, but that's from me, a guy born and raised in Mt. Baldy! I'd wager that Deadmarsh moved his family out here because they have new twins, and that way they can be together.
Deadmarsh is by far becoming my favorite player, and as the team gels, (ie. Deader-Bednar/ Deader-Heinze/ Deader-Allison/ Allison-Palffy or what have you) this TEAM will be a force!"

"Not too much of a question of where I stand on this issue. He's by far the best and most solid player that we have now, and that we've ever had in my short 5 years as a hockey fan.
Is there any question of why I chose him to be my handle? The guy is awesome! (just had to get that out of my system.)"
~Deadhead28~ oh-so-famous rip-off of RR's site
Thread: A Bum is A Bum

"Adam Deadmarsh - We all hate him right? (side-lined shanahan in playoffs and won two games in overtime)"
~Grant Welch~
(Former 18/28 QOTW October 28th)

Thread: Robitaille or Deadmarsh?
Donnybrook's question: "If you had a choice, would you rather have Luc Robitaille or Adam Deadmarsh?"

"Luc Robitaille.... if he was about 10 years younger. Deadmarsh ALL THE WAY. "
~Roger Ranchod~

"have had both...deader is better"
~gooFy Kings~

"Deadmarsh, younger and has a lot of talent and heart"
~Fort Collins Wings Fan~

"This is easy: Deadmarsh. He's one of those guys I love to hate but would love to see him in a Detroit sweater."

"Yeah I would like Deadmarsh better. But trust me I am NOT complaining about having Luc. I think if Luc was younger he would be my choice. But Adam is younger and a little quicker."

"Deadmarsh gets injured quite often...he is a 30 goal, 100 penalty minute guy if he stays healthy. He's also a very clutch performer...right Wings fans? I'd take Adam for the long run but until Robitaille retires, I'd rather have Luc. No question that he has the Wings' number, but we'll see if he actually had Osgood's number the whole time."

"hey, we're the red wings...can't we just have both? but seriously, i'd go with deadmarsh 'cuz of his age...but i like the luc is always there (not injured as much)"

"Deadmarsh all the way."

"Deadmarsh because he is younger and will get better as he gets older "

Thread: Red Wings / Kings 11.10.01
(After wading through the eons of "Yeah we'll win by "X" amount" posts, I came up with two, and there are bound to be more later today)

"That Deaders!!! He IS 'the Red Wings Killer' da*m him!"

"The three Kings that give me the most nightmares from last year, Belanger, Deadmarsh, and Palffy all scored last night...this was the most painful loss of the four so far. I don't care if it is an OT loss, losing period to the Kings still hurt like crazy."

"The King that gives me nightmares is Bob Miller their play by play guy. Everytime I hear him I remember him saying "Adam Deadmarsh, the Red Wing Killer" or "Stunner at Staples." The Kings have our number at Staples right now. At least we get them back at home next weekend. We won't have to wait a few months to get this loss out of our system. We need Homer in the lineup to get someone big in front of the other team's goalies. Luc isn't the right man to use in that position."

Post: This Isn't A Bashing Post... (By Kings Fan)
KF's 5th question: "Do you know who Adam Deadmarsh is? (lol, i couldn't resist.)"

"Who in the world is Adam Deadmarsh? j/k Deadmarsh is the Red Wing killer. He developed that reputation with Colorado."

"We hate Adam Deadmarsh and we still hate the Avalanche for the most part."
(Don't you just love how some of them say "WE", as if speaking for the entire fan base?)

"5. If Deadmarsh scores anymore key goals against the Wings, I might have to be institutionalized and I'll probably be muttering his name for the rest of my life. The Wings have no players on the roster that are known as killers to any other team...that's a very underrated thing, having a player that single-handedly destroys a single team's will and have them worried when they are on the ice. Deadmarsh is that player to the Red have to give the devil his due, he is probably one of the more feared players from a Wings fan standpoint...we fear that he'll do us in again soon."

"Do we know who Adam *the Red Wing Killer* Deadmarsh is? Nah,...never heard of the guy,... J/K Yeah, he'd be the one that spoils a win for us from time to time. GRRRRR "

"Isn't he the one that scored the game-tying goal and game-winning goal in Game 6 last year to knock us out of the playoffs? *sobs* "

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Thread: Adam Deadmarsh Great For Team USA

"He may not have been amongst the scoring leaders in the tournament, but for what it's worth I thought he showed great desire and intensity on the ice and he always gave everything he had. I'm not so sure that this guy couldn't have beaten out someone like a Ryan Smyth or Brendan Shanahan to make the 2002 Team Canada and it's a shame for Canada that he opted to play for the U.S. instead. He's not much different than Mike Peca and the Kings are quite lucky to have him."

Thread: I Wonder How This Loss Will Effect Deader and Miller

"ummmmm...they're good enough, strong enough and damn it we like them .
I know that doesn't answer your question but I just felt like writing that.
I think they will come back stronger than before the big "O". "

Originally quoted in an LA Times article:
"Either they'll be real ticked off and play hard," Tippett said, "or they'll be full of jubilation and think they're world-beaters."

Well, Dave Tippet kinda thinks like I do about this one. I think they'll play good no matter what, it's just the kind of players they are. If they would have won, they would feed off the rush of knowing they are gold medalists, but since they lost, they'll have enough to prove now to keep them going through the stretch."
~Wicked Klown~

"I think they will both be okay. After all, Deader was all smiles when he got his medal."

"I may be spouting nonsense here, but I don't think the loss will affect them any. They tried their best, and it did net them a silver medal. I'm sure they would've liked to have won the gold, but silver's still a medal.
I dunno about the rest of you, but when they take the ice on Saturday, I'm going to be giving Miller and Deader one hell of a standing ovation.

" I don't think it will effect them negatively. If anything Deadmarsh seems like he has only gotten better. I was happy to see that they showed him getting his silver medal. I think they are happy they got a medal and silver is nothing to sneeze at. Hope the Kings do something special for them. I am sure that when the Kings take to the ice they will get a standing ovation. Now lets go get the next silver icon - the Stanley Cup."

" I hope they are proud of the Silver. They made me proud of it with the way they played. I hope they know how proud we are of the way they played."

Originally posted by northernKing
I think they will both be okay. After all, Deader was all smiles when he got his medal.

Does Deader ever not smile? I've never seen him with anything but on his face."

" I would imagine that they would be pretty bummed out about loosing to Canada. But when they put it into prospective, they won the silver over quite a few really good teams! When this is done, I am sure that a feeling of pride will replace all ill feelings about getting 2nd."

posted to on 5/10/01:

"I was at the game last night and the crowd was unbelievable. For the first
time all season, they actually broke into spontaneous cheering, ovations,
and even standing o's without being prompted by the big screen and for
things other than just goals. After the game, during the handshake, Miller
and Deader were last in the Kings' line. When Forsberg and Deadmarsh
hugged, my wife cried. Roy and Podein also hugged Deadmarsh. After Deader
went through the line, as he skated off the ice he raised his stick to the
crowd. Although they were still on their feet and cheering for the end of
the game and series, the crowd volume raised several notches for Deadmarsh.
He is obviously still in the hearts of Av fans, unlike Mr. Blake there in LA
(and I know the circumstances are completely different)."


Same newsgroup, different topic.
Thread: Deadmarsh Opinions on 6/5/99

Starting post by Tim Evans:
"Need honest opinions on Mr. Deadmarsh for scrapbook for my son.
Please don't let this loss to Dallas influence your opinions! Thanks!"


Adam Deadmarsh is a high quality player. He doesnt get the accolades that Forsberg and Sakic get, he is a bit of a quiet acheiver but he is certainly amongst the top players in the league. He has a grin on his face the whole time, as if he's smiling at other players when he runs them over to say "oh did I do that?"
~James Cameron~

"Deader is definitly a rising star. He's drifted a bit out of the
limelight as his role as an Av has changed. Early he was counted on as a scoring third liner, and filled in well for Forsberg and Sakic when they
had extended absences due to injury. Now he's shifted to a solid grinder and screener. A much less glorified position, but important none-the- less. Personally I believe he's got the hands to play the more finesse game, but his big strength lies in the grit he displays diging the puck out of the cornor, and parking firmly at the top of the crease. Pretty good speed, and pretty good defensive skills. As with most of the Avs, versitility is keyword."
~Todd Magda~


When we heard about the neck strain, there was a quote about Adam being a warrior by Jim Fox:

"Deader is done for a while, he's a warrior who can't even get skates on."


From Leenay on the site yahoogroup about Adam:
"Adam in particular always looks like he's just having a
blast. You can see it, watching him, you know he loves what he's
doing. He plays with all of his heart and soul every time he's on
the ice, whether it means scoring a goal or making a check, and
that's the coolest thing about him."

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Thread: Who Should Wear the A’s?
Thread started by Forum Blue


A-Allison (he proved he is a leader last year in the playoffs that's all I have to say)"

"C - Allison
A - Deadmarsh
A - Norstrom
A - Laperriere
(We can do three alternates, can't we?)

Obviously, we can't take the C away from Matty without him losing face, but let's be real here- it hurt him last season. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I think Matty had a bad season and it was his first season as captain. Sure, he is probably the hardest working King (him and Deader), but that doesn't mean that he can necessarily "handle" the pressure of being captain. It obviously distracted him from his game (IMO).
I would make Deadmarsh captain, but again- I think he would take it much too seriously and that it would affect his game. I think Jason is the type of guy that would be effective, yet not let it affect him. Lappy seems to be the loudest voice in the locker room and the "motivator" and he very much deserves an "A" also."

"These are my thoughts too. I think Allison should be the captian. Either way, the four of Norstrom, Allison, Deadmarsh and Laperriere should be the leaders, IMO.
Pbcbbc, in response to the post aboveIn my opinion it is great to see all of the "character" guys that DT has given AM to work with. Miko, Lappy, Allison, Deadmarsh, Ebell, Chartrand and in my opinion given time Cammy are all very good character guys and they are all capable of leading the team.
would cover it for me."
~Forum Blue~

"C -- Matty
A -- Allison
A -- Lappy
A -- Smolinski
A -- Deadmarsh"
~Norstrom Stalker~

A....Lappy........Just my 0.02"
~Mr. Pink 10~

"Seniority often plays a large part in determining who gets the "A" or "C".. also, once a player has a letter, he USUALLY keeps it for as long as he is on the team (Not always, but most of the time). Thus, Lappy would never lose his "A" to Deader or Allison, even if they also deserve an "A".

I wonder if Deader will get it over Allison based on him being with the team longer.
If I were AM, I'd suprise everyone and give it to Palffy. Deader and Allison have obviously been two of our leaders without having letters. Palffy has earned it, in my opinion, and when Smoke/Schneider leave, Deader and Allison can get their "A"s. Until then, I'd let them continue to lead in the manner that they have, and reward Ziggy with the "A" for his hard work. It may effect him in a positive way and cause him to work even harder.

Allison and Deader don't strike me as guys who need to extra motivation or worry about things like a letter on their sweater. They will lead anyways, so it may as well go to Palffy to see what impact it can have on him."

"c- matty
a- ally
a- deader
a- lappy"

"Matty should keep his C. But I'm not sure who should get the A's. If they could start over I'd give them to Jason, Deader, & Lappy. But if it could only be 1 to take over Bucky's, I'd give it to Jason."

"I don't think that the C should be taken away from Matty. He hasn't done anything to deserve to have it taken away from him, but since this post is actually asking who should wear the A's then I will go with:


I actually liked Murray's style of rotating the A amongst several different players. I'd like to see that again this year actually, but if he's only going to give it to 2 people, then I go with those 2."


Thread: Tkachuk Versus Deadmarsh
Started by Puckrogue

"Keith Tkachuk versus Adam Deadmarsh.
For those of you that would base your decision on statistics, then here you go-

Regular season- 725 GP, 367G, 339A, 706P and 1639PM.
Playoffs- 69GP, 26G, 21A, 47P and 138PM.
Regular season- 0.97 PPG
Playoffs- 0.68 PPG

Regular season- 547GP, 171G, 185A, 356P and 798PM.
Playoffs- 105GP, 26G, 40A, 66P and 100PM.
Regular season- 0.65 PPG
Playoffs- 0.62 PPG

I guess Tkachuk is the winner hands down, no?

I think that their styles on the ice are somewhat similar. They are both big and strong (Tkachuk moreso). They both skate well. They both have good shots (Tkachuk moreso). They are neither particularly "creative" on the ice (assist-wise). Deadmarsh works better along the boards and Keith is better in front of the net. Defensively- I think Deadmarsh is better but neither are very good or very bad in their own zone. Tkachuk is the better fighter, but Adam is no slouch.

Comparing who has more Cups or who has been on better teams is irrelvant to me. Adam Deadmarsh didn't "win" the Cup- the Avalanche did. Besides, if Deadmarsh was on better teams (which he was), then his stats should be that much better, right?

Here's where it apparently gets complicated for some of you---

Keith Tkachuk has at least twice held out on contracts that he signed in an effort to get more money out of his team.

Despite formerly being team captain, Keith could constantly be seen whining and complaining to anyone who would listen while on the ice.

Granted, he usually plays a pretty tough game on the ice and will stand in front of the net and take a beating to score a goal.

I actually have other info I could add to show what a complete jerk this guy is, but I had better leave that stuff off of a public forum like this.

Suffice it to say that the guy is a complete jerk off the ice. He is apparently under the impression that his "feces has no odor" and I am more than positive that his attitude affects the locker (hotel?) rooms no matter where he goes (say...Japan, for instance?).

Adam Deadmarsh on the other hand is one of the hardest working players in the NHL and gives his heart and soul to his team. Despite being traded from a contender and all of his good friends during one of the most trying times in his life (the problems with his kids), Adam managed to find it in himself to continue battling on the ice and helped push the Kings to new heights in the playoffs that year (beating Detroit and pushing the eventual Cup champion Avalanche to seven games). He is a fan favorite and in my mind there is no doubt that he is a favorite in the Kings locker room. Adam leads by example and I think many of the Kings have learned how to win when it counts by his example.

Again, I think there is no comparison.

Do you want someone that will score you 50 goals or someone that will help win you the Stanley Cup? This is a team game, kids. No one player can win you the Cup. It's all about chemistry when it comes right down to it. How do you think teams like the Panthers or the Hurricanes make it to the Finals? It's all about character and leadership..."

"I was getting ready to run off a long reply until I hit the half-way point, and you said everything I wanted to say about Deader and what he brings to the table compared to Tkachuk.

For the money that he makes, I think Tkachuk is VERY overrated. Money aside, he's a very good player.

I think you said it best when you said "Do you want someone that will score you 50 goals or someone that will help win you the Stanley Cup?"

I'll take Deader without hesitation.

I look forward to your Lappy-Yashin post. You'll have a tougher time making that argument! I LOVE Lappy, but Yashin is a star (not a superstar, but close). I think if you surround him with the right people (ie a Deader) it would really help his career.

--dizzydMoney aside, I believe that Keith Tkachuk is the best power forward in the league.
I've heard rumblings about his non-odiferous fecal matter as well, and I think it's fair to say that his leadership qualities are highly questionable, but when on the ice there isn't a more dominant power forward in the game today, in my opinion.

Deader brings similar yet also different talents/qualities to the ice, and considering what we've got here in L.A., I wouldn't trade him for Tkachuk, despite what I said about his talent. Deader is younger, cheaper, has no blemishes on his record as to attitude/leadership and is still getting better. Adam Deadmarsh if very important to the present and future of the Kings."


"Adam Deadmarsh is a favorite of mine, I liked him on Colorado also. But Keith Tkachuk is a dominant power forward, one of the best in the league when he is healthy. He really creates space for other players on the ice. I've also read that he is a locker room problem and I know he isn't shy around a bottle of Tequila, but on the ice (which is what matters) the guy is a rare type of player.
But I'd still rather have Deadmarsh."

"Would I take Deader over Tkachuk? I would have to say that it would be a very dificult decision. I like everything about Deamarsh. Hie grit, the way he drives the net, his play in front of the net and his hands are some of the more impressive things about his offensive skills and the way he sticks up for his team mates and his back checking ability are a couple of his D upsides.
KT is a gifted scorer. He has all of the grit of Deader and much better hands. He has a mean streak and is one of those players taht opponents hate to face. He also has a reputation for being one of the worst guys in the locker room of all time. (I don't put allot of trust into those type of rumors normally but, when it comes from his own team mates it makes you wonder)

There were more than one of his ex team mates who said that they were happy to see him go.

I would hate to make that choice because IF TK could be made to be more of a team player (providing the rumors about him are true, which we don't really know) then he is the more gifted player. However, Deader has allot of the intangibles that seem to elude KT. Deader is one of the most loved team mates on the teams he has been on and when I talked to AM about him he said that it didn't take long for the team to find out why everyone on the AVS hated to see him go. Murray said he has made himself a fixture on the team and that he is the guy that every team needs in the locker room to make everyone get along.

For those reasons alone I guess I would take Deader. It wouldn't be an easy decision and I wouldn't bag on anyone who went the other way.

In my opinion.
~Forum Blue~

"DEADER is the freakin man. I would pick over Keith you-suck anyday of the year."

How do you score 29 goals and NOT BE CONSIDERED A 1st LINE PLAYER? Come on, have you SEEN some of the first lines in this league?

if you are looking for a strong, fast bruiser with some skill who can also be a leader on and off the ice AND put in 30 goals AND show up in the playoffs AND is young, etc. etc.... Which team isn't looking for THAT on their first line?"

"Call me a homer,
But I would take Deadmarsh. Tkachuk is a mad man, but he never even took Phoenix passed the first round the whole time there (as well as Winnepeg either. And, it's not like he had a poor cast around him either.

I'm not saying I wouldn't like Tkachuk or that he isn't an elite player, but Deadmarsh just brings so much to the table that Tkachuk does not.

How many Cups does Tkachuk have? Oh yeah...NONE! Also, Deadmarsh's hard work alone is a motivation to the Kings.

Bascially, Deadmarsh does everything that Tkachuck does, but doesn't produce as much on the score board, but PRODUCES WAY MORE IN OTHER KEY AREAS.

I wouldn't trade Deadmarsh for anyone, unless it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Tkachuck for Deadmarsh would NOT be one of those offers.

"I can see too many here have been drinking the black cool-aid
Keith Tkachuk skill and talent dwarfs Deadmarsh by almost double.
you may look at Tkachuk and say he hasn't won a cup but to compare the old Winny team with Alexei & Teemu to the Ava's? that winny team was just making the playoffs it didnt have the needed talent to go far and certainly not win it all the way. Tkachuk was the only one who showed up also. same with the Yotes when they brought in JR and moved Alexei. it just wasnt built to win them all unlike the Avalache. in St. Louis he was the only one who earned his pay during the playoffs, and he is a leader for them. the locker room rumors may be true... that I do not know but from the news."

"I knew some one would point to the issue of him having a Cup and take it totally out of context. I didn't know it would be a Dead Things fan.

I point to the "Cup experience" because it is something that the Kings can use at the present time. Hence, I mentioned in my post that it depends on what the team needs.

What suprises me the most is that Adam Deadmarsh OWNS the Red Wings, yet you still come over here and talk sh*t about him. Amazing.

Keith Tkachuk is an awesome player, but I don't think he can do as much for the Kings as Deadmarsh has. I personally would not trade Deadmarsh for Tkachuk."
~Wupmasta2000 in reply to Hendo2k’s post~

Originally posted by hendo2k:

"Keith Tkachuk skill and talent dwarfs Deadmarsh by almost double."

"Maybe, but his salary dwarves it by triple.

Deadmarsh has the most valuable contract in the league to a GM. He has a high production-to-cost ratio."
~Smokes McGee~

"If it was based only on stats then I'd choose Tkachuk over Deadmarsh. But there's no doubt I'd take Deadmarsh on the Kings over Tkachuk any day. In fact, I wouldn't want Tkachuk on the Kings with or without Deadmarsh. He's never gotten his teams anywhere near a Stanley Cup. And it's not as if his teams have been lacking in talent either. And how many times has he held out to renegotiate his contract? He did the exact same thing that Yashin did a couple of years ago. But while everyone crucified Yashin, nobody said a word about Tkachuk."

"Tkachuk is a loser. Deadmarsh is a winner. End of discussion."

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