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Message to the fans from Adam Deadmarsh (as told by Rinkrat):

"This morning there was a message on my cell phone from Adam Deadmarsh, who we all found out is about to retire from the NHL. He said he was discussing with his wife how supportive and true the Los Angeles Kings fans are, he wanted to thank the fans somehow and she suggested that he call me so I could pass along their feelings:

'Thank you for your support over the years I was there in L.A. I truly love stepping on the ice there and playing. It was a lot of fun to play in front of the fans there at STAPLES Center, I will miss it and I want to thank them for all the memories.'"

Thank YOU for the memories, too, Adam!
(Thank you, Rinkrat!)

Latest News

Adam is Promoted to Avalanche Assistant Coach

Congratulations to Adam on his promotion and best of luck to Konowalchuk! You'll both do great in your new positions!

Read more here.

Deadmarsh 18/28 Turns 10!

May 11, 2011: It is VERY hard for me to believe that this website has reached the decade mark, considering everything it has gone through... Server changes, a domain name hijack and theft (and forced domain name change), and let's not forget the guy who was pretending to be Adam back in 2001. As a result, a lot of positive things have come from this site as well, and I'm still so very thankful to have it. I keep saying this... but Adam has a hell of an awesome fanbase, and I don't think I've met a bad fan of his. Honestly!
Here's to another ten years! :)

This website is dedicated to my very close friend Rosalyn, who I met through having this website. Without this site, we wouldn't know each other. Just another huge reason why I'm thankful to have this website.

This site is also dedicated to Adam, his lovely wife Christa and their beautiful twin daughters, Alexis and Madison for being so accepting of the site overall. I can only hope that this site has done well in serving as a fitting tribute.

Welcome to Deadmarsh 18/28, the unofficial online home of Adam Deadmarsh! As of May 11, 2010, this website turned nine years old. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. This website as a whole has been extremely rewarding as an experience overall, and it continues to be so. I'm very grateful to Adam's fanbase for being as wonderful as they are.

This is NOT ADAM'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE! As of this posting, Adam does not have any kind of official website or social networking page.

I have updated the website with not only the new layout, but a new site map and a new setup for the photo galleries. I've also reinstated the website's guestbook and am going to try and get this site approved as "child safe." I hope that you, the visitor, find it to be more user-friendly now.

Please feel free to email me with any suggestions, contributions (news, pictures, archived articles) or questions you may have. I'll be more than happy to help you if I can.

*~ Amanda ~*

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